Drawing of the future cabin

Camelot Bunkhouse Project 2024

A core part of the MITOC community, and in particular our access to the mountains, continues to be our well-loved “Camelot” cabin, located in central New Hampshire. As you may know, Camelot was built in the 1970s (on a shoestring budget), and it is nearing the end of its useful life. Since 2013, the Outing Club has been working to build new, safe and modern sleeping quarters on the Camelot property, which will ensure that MITOC can fulfill our mission for decades to come.

MITOC partnered with Maclay Architects to design a new bunkhouse for Camelot which will be located approximately 100m from the existing cabin. The new bunkhouse will contain five bedrooms (sleeping ten persons each), a large central hallway, and a covered deck. We anticipate the cost of the new bunkhouse to be approximately $500,000.

With the design now complete, we are actively seeking donations. If you are able, please consider donating to help us hit our fundraising target in 2024. We are breaking ground on site preparation in 2024, and fundraising permitting, we will complete the new bunkhouse in late 2024 or early 2025. This project will ensure we can fulfill our mission for the next generation of MITOCers.

MITOC is excited to provide need-blind financial aid to any MIT undergraduate student. If finances are at all a factor in your participation in MITOC, please don’t hesitate to use this resource. We do not request any personal or financial verification. While this program is intended for MIT undergraduates, we are more than happy to extend it to MIT graduate or visiting students with an MIT affiliation. Our financial aid program covers the following expenses.


Email mitoc-trez@mit.edu requesting a membership fee waiver, and we will provide you with a complimentary 1-year membership (renewable until graduation). Please ensure that you have filled out our liability waiver beforehand.

Trip and Rental Fees

We will gladly waive all trip and rental fees for official MITOC trips. This includes 3-season, winter school, and circuses. Acadia and safety courses such as WFA/WFR/AIARE do not qualify (although desk credit can be used to pay for any trip or course). Please inform your trip leader and/or desk worker that you would like the fee waived. At this point we don’t have an automated way to do waive fees.

Gas and Travel Costs

Most MITOC trips require carpooling and reimbursing the driver for the travel costs. Please reimburse your driver immediately after the trip. MITOC will then reimburse you for the travel costs. Details on how get get reimbursed are available here, under “Financial Aid”.

Starter Kits

Most MITOC hikes require a headlamp, compass, and whistle (of which only the compass is rentable). We have a limited number of starter kits available, containing these three items. If you expect to participate in 3 or more MITOC hikes, we will gladly provide you with one of these kits (for permanent use, not a rental). The kits are available in the MITOC office; you can request them from deskworkers during office hours (no prior approval is necessary).


Deskworkers and trip leaders will default to asking everyone to pay, but will gladly waive any of the above costs when requested. Please don’t hesitate to use this resource, and please be patient with reminding your trip leaders & desk workers. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this program, please reach out to mitoc-trez@mit.edu.