General Guidelines for Reimbursement

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To Get Reimbursed

  1. Fill out this form. Remember to subtract sales tax if included.
  2. Ensure you have i) an itemized receipt and ii) proof of payment. Proof of payment, if not on the itemized receipt, can be a credit/debit card statement with everything except your name and the transaction in question removed.
  3. If you have physical receipts, write your name on the receipt(s) and scan a digital copy. Ensure size of each image is <2 MB.
  4. Follow the specific directions below:

Email both the leader coordinator and listing the course you will be reimbursed for. Then follow the directions on this page for “Other non-travel” that applies to you.

Ensure you have access to Concur. If travel did not involve any personal vehicle mileage:

  1. Get approved by the MITOC Bursar at least 2 weeks before your trip.
  2. Fill out the report using the MITOC cost object/account: 2720209. Attach copies of all receipts, but DO NOT SUBMIT YET.
  3. Generate a Detailed Report with Allocation Summary from the Print/Email dropdown and send to
  4. Treasurer will reply with a signed approval form, which should then be attached to Concur report and submitted.

Personal mileage can be reimbursed using Concur, however, that reimbursement rate is determined by MIT (~$0.54/mi). Email before requesting reimbursement for personal mileage to ensure correct rate is used.

If you do not have access to the Concur reporting tool, you must fill out a travel voucher and send to Unlike other reimbursements, HARD COPIES OF RECEIPTS ARE REQUIRED!!! For personal vehicle mileage, include a Google Maps printout of the route for mileage.

  • Go to Atlas and click on “Full Catalog.” Under “My Reimbursements,” select “Request a Reimbursement for Me.”
  • Fill out the RFP (“Request for Payment”), leaving the G/L Account and Cost Object values empty. Include a description of the expense and if it came out of a discretionary budget. For food reimbursements, include what it was for and roughly how many MIT students/affiliates/others attended. In the amount box, be sure to subtract sales tax for all items.
    NOTE: If you have multiple receipts, you can submit them all on the same RFP. Click “Add Line” to add other items.
  • Click Save & Continue
  • Add a scanned image of the itemized receipt(s) and proof of payment. If the receipt does not have proof of payment, a statement with everything but the name and transaction whited out is acceptable (but not preferred).
  • Using the button on the RFP page, send the RFP to the current treasurer (see the list of current BOD members if you aren’t sure who that is)

Email receipt(s) scan(s) (itemized and with proof of payment) to, along with:

  • A description of what reimbursement is for. If reimbursement request is for food for a meeting, include roughly how many MIT students/affiliates/others attended
  • A mailing address for the check