Drawing of the future cabin

Camelot Bunkhouse Project 2024

A core part of the MITOC community, and in particular our access to the mountains, continues to be our well-loved “Camelot” cabin, located in central New Hampshire. As you may know, Camelot was built in the 1970s (on a shoestring budget), and it is nearing the end of its useful life. Since 2013, the Outing Club has been working to build new, safe and modern sleeping quarters on the Camelot property, which will ensure that MITOC can fulfill our mission for decades to come.

MITOC partnered with Maclay Architects to design a new bunkhouse for Camelot which will be located approximately 100m from the existing cabin. The new bunkhouse will contain five bedrooms (sleeping ten persons each), a large central hallway, and a covered deck. We anticipate the cost of the new bunkhouse to be approximately $500,000.

With the design now complete, we are actively seeking donations. If you are able, please consider donating to help us hit our fundraising target in 2024. We are breaking ground on site preparation in 2024, and fundraising permitting, we will complete the new bunkhouse in late 2024 or early 2025. This project will ensure we can fulfill our mission for the next generation of MITOCers.

If you are renting gear for the first time, please read the gear rental information in full.

Security deposits vary by individual item. The deposit amounts below are averages.

Restricted Gear

Items highlighted in red require a safety review and permission from the appropriate MITOC officer before you can rent them. You can get approval by emailing mitoc-approval@mit.edu 24 hours ahead of time. Be sure to include exactly what restricted gear you want to check out, what dates you’ll have it, how and where it will be used, and your level of experience with the activity.

Financial aid

If you are an MIT student renting gear for a MITOC trip and this cost is prohibitive to your participation, please email mitoc-owner@mit.edu to ask about this fee being waived. If you are a non-MIT student please feel free to email to ask about financial assistance options.


Item Deposit Rental
ATC and Locking Biner $30 $2
Grigri and Locking Biner $100 $3
Climbing Shoes $60 $5
Climbing Helmet $75 $1
Climbing Harness $60 $4
Stick Clip $50 $5
Restricted (Email: mitoc-approval@mit.edu)
Bouldering Pad $200 $6
Quickdraws (pack of 6) $80 $5
Ohm Assisted Braking Device $100 $2
Single rack (.2-3 Camalot, BD offset nuts) $500 $10
Large cams, #4-8 Camalot (individual) $60-140 $4
Microtraxion $100 $3
Ascenders, Daisies, and Ladders $250 $5
Haul Bag $140 $5
G7 Pod Portaledge (1p) $785 $10
G7 Alpine Shelter $450 $8

MITOC’s climbing ropes are not for rental. They are for official club trips only.


Item Deposit Rental
Tent (2 person) $250 $8
Tent (4 person) $400 $12
Sleeping Bag (Synthetic, –30°F – +40°F) $200 $6
Foam Pad $30 $2
Backpack $150 $6
Daypack $90 $3
Stove $150 $5
Fuel Bottle (inc. fuel) $20 $2
Pot Set $35 $1
Trekking Poles $40 $4
Tarp Shelter $140 $4
Bear Canister $75 $4
Compass $16 $1

Winter Hiking/Mountaineering

Item Deposit Rental
Hard Shell Jacket $270 $8
Waterproof Insulated Mittens $120 $5
Winter Boots $220 $6
Plastic Boot $180 $6
Microspikes $50 $4
Hiking Crampons $80 $5
Alpine Ice Axe $50 $3
Snowshoes $140 $7
Winter Sleeping Bag (Synthetic, –30°F – 0°F) $200 $6
Snow Shovel $26 $2
Snow Saw $30 $2
Sled $40 $4
Small Sled $25 $2
Bivy Bags $120 $4
Restricted (Email: mitoc-approval@mit.edu)
Down Sleeping Bag (-20°F, only for alpinism) $400 $10
Mountaineering Tent $330 $9
Pulk $75 $3
Picket $20 $3
Ice Screw $40 $3
Fluke $40 $3
Pulley $20 $3
Glacier Rope $200 $3
Technical Ice Axe $300 $9
Technical Crampons $150 $6


Cross Country Skiing

Item Deposit Rental
Light Touring Touring Skis $200 $6
NNN Ski Boot $75 $5
Backcountry Touring Backcountry Skis $200 $9
NNN-BC Ski Boot $155 $5
Both XC Ski Poles $40 $2

The backcountry touring skis have metal edges and use burlier boots with a wider bar.

Alpine / Ski Mountaineering

Item Deposit Rental
AT/Telemark Ski Skins $120 $4
Alpine Ski Poles $40 $2
Ski Helmet $60 $1
Telemark Skis $200 $8
Telemark Ski Boots $350 $10
Restricted (Email: mitoc-approval@mit.edu)
Alpine Touring (AT) AT Skis (Frame Bindings) + Skins $600 $20
AT Skis (Tech bindings) + Skins $600 $25
AT Boots $350 $15
Snowboarding Splitboard + Skins $650 $25

IMPORTANT: We approve Alpine Touring and Splitboard equipment rental requests on a weekend-by-weekend basis. You can pick up skis during Thursday or Friday office hours and MUST return them during the next Tuesday office hours. (Longer rentals are rare and on a case-by-case basis.) Please email your requests on Sunday or Monday before you want to rent, including: (1) what ski/boot/splitboard size you want (including gear numbers if you know specific skis and boots have fit you well in the past), (2) which weekend you want to rent for, (3) a confirmation that you can return the gear by or at Tuesday office hours, (4) where and when you are going (our gear is only for backcountry skiing/riding, not resorts), and (5) your experience backcountry skiing/riding and using the gear. We will grant approvals on Tuesday or Wednesday. You will be approved for specific gear numbers and CANNOT substitute other items for any reason without explicit approval from the ski chairs (desk workers cannot grant this approval).

AT boots sizes (Mondo):
All half sizes from Mondo 22.5 (US women’s 5.5 / Euro 35.5) to Mondo 30.5 (US women’s 13.5 / Euro 46)
Ski sizes (Dynafit Tech Binding, cm):
148 (x2), 155 (x3), 157, 162 (x2), 169 (x2), 176
Ski sizes (Frame Binding, cm):
155, 157, 165 (x2), 173, 175, 176, 180, 181
Splitboards (cm):
149, 154, 158

Items For Sale

Item Price
MITOC T-shirt $15
MITOC Nalgene Bottle $11.50
MITOC Snapback Hat $15
MITOC Iron-on Patch $3
MITOC Logo Sticker $1
MITOC Violle Ski Straps $6.50
Whistle $2
Compass $16
Petzl Headlamp TIKKINA 250 $20
Black Diamond Headlamp Cosmo 300 $20
Petzl Core Rechargable Battery $30
AAA Battery 5 packs $1.50
Wag Bag $3
Hot Hand Warmers (2 pack) $1
Ski Goggles $25
Above-treeline Goggles $5
Gaiters $19
Emergency Foil Blankets $1
Boston Rocks $25
Waterproof White Mountains Map $10
Waterproof Acadia Map $10
Waterproof Katahdin Map $10


Item Deposit Rental
Mountain Bike $780 $15
Fat Bike $400 $15
Bike Rack $65 $5
Bike Helmet $40 $1
Repair Kit $20 $3
Truing Stand $200 $3


MITOC has a library of guidebooks, maps, and other outdoor literature. They can be perused free of charge during office hours, or you can check them out for $1/week (days of use are not counted like other rentals.)

Boats and Cabin Rentals

MITOC has a selection of flatwater and whitewater canoes, kayaks, and packrafts available for rental. To rent these, you must first attend a boathouse keyholder training. See the boathouse page for more information on boathouse rentals.

We own two cabins in New Hampshire where MITOC members can stay. These also require keyholder training before you rent.