Technical Review Sessions (TRS) are mini-lectures in the MITOC office to review and practice wilderness first aid, self rescue, mountaineering, and climbing skills. We recommend joining the MITOC mailing list or checking the calendar to stay informed. These sessions are a great way to refresh and practice skills which are easily forgotten after taking the respective courses. We aim to cover a scenario/skill at each session such as rescuing a follower with a ledge or without a ledge or for first aid run a few scenarios plus discussion. Sessions are run by people who have taken a course or would like to share their experiences. If you’re interested in running a session, please let us know at

Example Topics

Here are some sample notes from past TRS.


Most organizers and session leaders running Technical Review Sessions are not climbing guides, mountain guides, certified first-aid instructors, or medical practitioners. There will be no formal “teaching” or certification. These sessions are for practice and review. If you are interested in taking a formal course on self-rescue, general rope techniques, first aid, climbing, or mountaineering from a certified guide, we suggest you take an official course taught by certified professionals. Climbing, mountaineering, and general outdoor activities are inherently dangerous. In the event of a medical emergency, please recognize the limitations of your training and/or certifications, if any, when rendering assistance as a volunteer rescuer or race volunteer.