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Mid-Week Rides

There are weekly rides to the Middlesex Fells from late Spring through early Winter. There are usually two rides per week and all levels of experience are welcome!

Note that these rides are cancelled if the ground is too wet, because the trails at the Fells are so heavily used that erosion is a significant problem. Cancellations will be posted to the list, so be sure to check your email just before the ride if the weather is suspect!

Weekend Rides

There should be a mountain biking trip happening pretty much every weekend when there isn’t snow on the ground!

Throught the Spring and Summer weekend rides are held at a variety of locations in New England. Favorites include Bear Brook, NH or the Kingdom Trails, VT. These rides are at a leisurely pace and suitable for everyone.

The Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) mountain biking racing season starts on the second weekend in September. From then on there’s racing every weekend through the end of October. Racing is great fun, and quite a different experience from regular biking. Plus there’s competition for almost any level of experience. I intend to race almost every weekend and I encourage you to give come along and give it a try.