Why does MITOC need 3-season hiking leaders?

MITOC runs all kinds of official hiking trips during the year outside of winter, at monthly circuses, Acadia, and many more. All these trips rely on safe, experienced hiking leaders. It is important to create a group of approved leaders who can lead 3-season hikes so all trips will go smoothly, safely, and enjoyably for all participants.

What are the leader ratings?

How many leaders does each hike need?

Each hike requires one full leader and one co-leader. Hikes of 5 or fewer participants can have just one full leader.

How many people can go on a trip?

There is a maximum trip size of 10 within the White Mountain National Forest. Outside the WMNF, MITOC hiking trips are limited to 15 people.

What are the prerequisites to become a leader?

The two hikes should be on different weekends.

Most new leaders will start as a co-leader. This provides an opportunity to under the guidance of a full leader. If you already have outside institutional leadership experience, you may be granted a full leader rating on a case-by-case basis.

How do I become a leader?

You can do these in any order.

I am a co-leader. How do I upgrade to leader?

What constitutes a 3-season hike?

We consider any hike “3-season” if winter conditions are not present, usually roughly April-October, though this varies vastly year to year. During shoulder seasons, the Winter Safety Committee decides whether conditions are 3-season or winter.

Guidelines for leading three season hikes are here.

What are the leader benefits?

Can I lead a hike outside of circuses?

Yes! If you are an approved leader, you just need to notify the hiking chair that you want to run an official trip and announce it to mitoc@mit.edu.


Contact 3s-hiking-chair@mit.edu