What is the MITOC Paddling Leader Program?

The goal of the MITOC Paddling Leader Program is to provide the proper training and resources to outstanding and dedicated members interested in leading or co-leading paddling trips with MITOC. Each paddlesport (sea kayaking, white water kayaking, canoeing, ect) offers a unique leadership development program with specific requirements. Prospective leaders will work directly with the chair of their respective paddlesport to further develop and demonstrate their on-the-water leadership skills. Those who complete the program will be designated as a paddling leader and will be welcome to lead/ co-lead MITOC paddling trips and enjoy leader benefits.

What is expected of a MITOC Paddling Leader?

What are the leader benefits?

How do I become a leader?

Please fill out this form and be sure to specify which paddle sport for which you are interested in taking a leadership role. This is an informal “resume” summarizing both your paddling experience and outdoor leadership experience. This form should be considered as a “sign-up” that will put you in contact with the appropriate paddling chair so that you can get started with your leadership development program. Prospective leaders will be assigned a “Leader” or “Co-leader” rating based on their completion of the program.

I want to become a leader but I’m not ready yet.

The MITOC paddling community offers a wide array of trips, sessions, and socials throughout the year. These are announced via email on the paddle list and on the MITOC trip sign-up page. The best way to develop your paddling skills and gain confidence as a prospective leader is to get involved! We’re here to help so let us know if you’re interested!

Current Paddling Leaders