Canoes are great for exploring the lakes and rivers of New England. You can start by exploring the river right in front of campus–the Charles (the upper section is actually quite pretty!) and work your way up to a multi-day canoe trip in Maine. When canoe camping, you can carry everything you want! Whitewater canoes are also suitable for paddling in rougher rivers with rapids.

MITOC runs a few organized canoe trips every year. They are usually announced along with other boating info on the paddle mailing list. (The hardest part of organizing these trips is transporting the canoes, so we’re always looking for people with cars with roof racks to join trips!)

Canoe Rental

MITOC has 6 flatwater tandem canoes, 1 tandem whitewater canoe, and 3 solo whitewater canoes available for rental. For all rentals, you’ll need to follow the boathouse rental procedure. If you’d like to take the canoes down to the Charles, you can use one of the canoe/kayak carts to roll the canoe down to the river. You can put in across from MacGregor, where the wall stops and you can easily slide in a canoe or at the public dock (also used by Charles River Canoe and Kayak) at 15 Broad Canal Way.

If you’ll be transporting the canoes by car, MITOC has foam canoe carriers you can use if your car doesn’t have a roof rack. We also have the straps you’ll need to tie the canoes down. If you want to take two canoes on one car, you will need extra wide bars, or use 2x4’s to make extra wide bars :) If you want to do a flatwater day trip, all you need to rent canoes is to be a MITOC member and have completed boathouse keyholder training, then check with the canoe chair ( to make sure boats are available. If you plan to take a canoe on a multi-day trip or on the ocean, please fill out a float plan form before emailing the boat chairs with your request for the rental reservation.