How can I get more involved in MITOC?

Great question! There are a ton of ways to contribute to the MITOC community, and we welcome everyone and anyone who wants to get outside and enjoy the company of others!

Become a leader!

We are always looking for new leaders passionate about helping others explore the landscapes of New England and beyond. We welcome leaders from all backgrounds and skill levels (pending safety considerations.) If you are stoked to get others outside, come talk to us! Once you are a leader, you can lead trips with other leaders anytime, anywhere. Get out there!

For more information, check out the leader pages for different activities:

Organize an event!

Did you love last month’s circus and want to help organize another?

Do you want to get a crew together to work on trail maintenance in a forest you love?

Do you have a sweet outdoor event idea you want to see happen?

You are in the right place! We are always looking for members to facilitate our events or create new ones. MITOC events can be anything from cleaning up a local park in Boston/Cambridge to eating a Costco-size pack of pudding on top of Mt. Washington to raise funds for early education. Dream up your idea, let us know at, and we can help you make it happen.

Become a desk worker!

Meet a huge swath of the MITOC community, earn MITOC desk-credit to pay for rentals or trips, and help others get the gear they need! See here for more information on becoming a desk worker.

Join the Board of Directors!

Do you want to give back to the MITOC community beyond leading trips and working desk? Come join the members who keep MITOC running smoothly and climbing higher! The Board of Directors are a group of members and volunteers who all care deeply about the club and enabling the MITOC community to enjoy being outside. We do everything from organizing Winter School, maintaining our gear and cabins, to recruiting new leaders and members.

We have elections for positions each year, generally in late spring. Nevertheless, anyone excited about committing time and passion to the club is welcome at any time. BOD is not a fixed size or a closed club, but a fluctuating group of fun folks, constantly looking for more people to get excited and integrated into the MITOC family. Keep an eye on the email lists for announcements of monthly meetings, which are open to all MITOC members. If you have a specific idea you want to spearhead, email