Who are desk workers?

Desk workers are volunteers who staff rental office hours, field rental-related questions, and maintain the MITOC office and gear.

Who can become a desk worker?

Because desk workers are entrusted with significant power and responsibility, we look for people who are invested in MITOC beyond the rental desk. People who have participated in many MITOC trips/events will be considered. Most (but not all) desk workers are also trip leaders, boathouse keyholders, cabin keyholders, or club officers. Desk workers should also have rented gear from MITOC before and be familiar with the process.

What are the benefits of being a desk worker?

What are the obligations of being a desk worker?

To maintain card access to the office, you must work desk at least twice per semester (shifts worked during the summer and January can be counted toward either semester.) Desk workers who are inactive must be retrained to get their access back.

How do I become a desk worker?

Contact mitoc-deskcaptain@mit.edu to be considered. New desk workers must schedule a training session (roughly 30 minutes) with the desk captain.