MITOC has two cabins in New Hampshire: Camelot and Intervale. Camelot is near the southwest corner of the White Mountains region and is about 2.5 hours from Boston. Intervale is in the eastern part of the White Mountains and is about 3.5 hours from Boston. The cabins are an incredible resource and we are very fortunate to have them available to the MITOC community.

Explicit prior permission from the appropriate cabin manager is STRICTLY REQUIRED for ALL USES of either property (including camping). If you visit either cabin without permission, that is trespassing and we (or our neighbors) WILL call the police. The cabin managers may be reached at or

Cabin usage procedures

All MITOC members may camp on the property of either cabin. Each member may be accompanied by up to one non-member. Prior permission from the cabin managers is always required and payment must be submitted online in advance. “Camping” includes the use of outbuildings such as the lean-to at Camelot or the yurt at Intervale.

Only trained “keyholders” can unlock the cabins. Keyholders may admit non-keyholders into each cabin at their sole discretion and are personally responsible for the condition of the cabin and the behavior of their guests. Keyholder status is specific to each cabin. Prior permission from the cabin managers is always required and payment must be submitted online in advance.

The cabin managers hold keyholder trainings once every few months. Keyholder trainings are announced on our mailing lists. Keyholder status expires after two years of inactivity. If you want to use the cabin and are not a keyholder, you must either wait until the next keyholder training, or find a friend who is a keyholder.

As of May 2017, it is no longer necessary to check out a key from the MITOC office prior to your visit. Instead, the cabin managers will give you a code to use on the electronic combination lock. When you make a reservation, the cabin managers will provide more information regarding this process.

Exclusive rentals

We normally allow multiple keyholders to use a cabin at the same time. For large groups, we also offer exclusive rentals. Only keyholders may place a reservation for an exclusive rental. During an exclusive rental, we will not permit any other groups to use the cabin, but we may still allow small parties to camp on the grounds.

The exclusive rental rate for Camelot is $300 per night, and the exclusive rental rate for Intervale is $250 per night. This rate is independent of the number of people in your party. Payment in full must be submitted online in advance to secure your reservation. Exclusive reservations are non-refundable.

We do not permit exclusive rentals during certain weekends. For example, both cabins are used by MITOC’s winter school program for every weekend in January. Always contact the cabin managers before you submit payment for a reservation.

A bit of history

Both Camelot and Intervale were constructed entirely by MITOC members. Camelot was built on a shoestring budget in the 1960s. Intervale was built from a prefabricated cabin kit in the 1990s after the previous structure burned down. The keyholder system was created as a result of this fire.

Camelot and Intervale are maintained entirely by volunteer labor. If you would like to help with projects around the cabins, please sign up for the mailing list. We are currently in the earliest stages of planning for a new structure to be built on the Camelot property in the early 2020s.