Why does MITOC need climbing leaders?

Climbing is inherently dangerous. We want to make sure our leaders are prepared to lead climbing trips safely. This also allows for prospective climbing leaders to co-lead trips with leaders and to later become a full leader.

What are the leader benefits?

Note:Trips must be announced (on the mailing list) as well as posted to the trip signup at minimum 4 days before the trip goes out. These incentives are intended to meet new people and teach new skills, not to simply have a cheaper ride for your friends. Any trip not adhering to this policy will not be reimbursed (at the discretion of the climbing chair). The climbing chair must be notified of any trips lead as well as the number of participants.

How do I become a leader?

Please submit an application. This is an informal “resume” summarizing both climbing and outdoor leadership experience. We also ask for 2 recommendations from current climbing leaders. Tell your recommenders what rating you are applying for and that they should email climbing-chair@mit.edu with their recommendations. Applicants will be assigned a “Leader” or “Co-leader” rating based on the resume. Co-leaders will need to co-lead a trip with a full leader, but can be considered for full-leader status after they have co- led a trip or a few.

I want become a leader but I’m not ready yet

The best way to learn all the skills necessary is to co-lead some trips with leaders or the climbing chair. Let us know if you’re interested!


Contact climbing-chair@mit.edu

Climbing Leaders