Due to to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Intervale use has been adjusted to allow for safe use of the property.

Please, review the Propery Manual linked below for a detailed list of all current Intervale access rules during COVID-19.

The Intervale cabin is a few miles from North Conway, NH, and is a convenient base for MITOC members to go hiking, climbing, and skiing in the eastern White Mountains. Keyholder training is required to use the property. This training is typically offered 2-3 times per year and is announced through the mitoc@mit.edu mailing list and the mitoc-trips.mit.edu website.

WARNING: Due to serious ongoing access issues, access to the cabin is tightly controlled. The consequences for any unauthorized or incorrect/improper access to the Intervale property will be severe. Please see the Property Manual for details.

Any questions should be directed to (and only to) intervale-mgr@mit.edu. Please see the FAQ below before emailing.


Intervale General Information

Property Manual

Reservation Request Form.

Key-Holder Checklist

I am a keyholder and am familiar with the cabin; is it available this weekend?

Submit a request and the cabin managers will get back to you.

I am not a keyholder or property user, but I am a MITOC member, can I camp on the premises?

No, you must be either a keyholder or property user to request a reservation.

I want to become a keyholder when is the next training weekend?

There are usually at least two training weekends per year: one in the spring and another in the fall. Additional weekends may also be announced. All announcements will be sent at least a week in advance to the main mitoc list.

I attended a keyholder training weekend three years ago, can I stay at the cabin?

No, keyholder status expires after two years. You will need to attend another work weekend to renew.

I’ve heard of MITOC but am not a member, can I stay anyway?

No, you would be trespassing on private property (we have had people arrested for this in the past). There must be part of a valid reservation if you wish to visit the property.

Reservations Calendar