Intervale General Information

Property Manual

Reservation Request Form.

Key-Holder Checklist

Important Procedures

A keyholder is allowed to use the cabin (as well as the grounds) after going through on-site training conducted by the cabin managers; a property user can put up a tent or sleep in the yurt, but is not authorized to use the cabin and is also trained by the cabin manager.

Property Use Rules

All of these rules must be followed at all times by anyone accessing the property.

  1. Everyone accessing the property must be a part of a reservation and every reservation must be explicitly approved by the cabin managers. See reservation procedure below.
  2. The keyholder/property user must escort every guest on the RoW every time the RoW is used.
  3. All cars as part of a single reservation must meet in the parking lot. The entire group must walk from the parking lot to Intervale together.
  4. Capacity rule: There can be a maximum of twenty people (at most fifteen people in the cabin) and at most eight cars may be parked at the designated parking lot at Dundee Rd. No other vehicles are permitted on or near the MITOC property.
  5. Reservations must all fit in one vehicle or maintain a one-to-four ratio of keyholders/property users to guests when multiple cars are used.
  6. No vehicles may be operated on the right-of-way to the MITOC property. Use is reserved for cabin managers, as needed to maintain the property.
  7. A keyholder/property user must have been trained on the current RoW with current cabin managers after January 2018
  8. The reservation must be submitted by Thursday at 11:59pm before the weekend of use.
  9. Whenever traveling along the right-of-way to the MITOC property, please be respectful of all neighbors, keeping voices at appropriate levels, especially late at night and early in the morning.
  10. After the stay, the keyholder/property user must fill out Google form checkout procedure reporting all incidents, people who are there, any problems with the cabin, etc.
  11. Any complaints or confrontations with neighbors or visits by the police should be reported immediately to cabin manager.

Reservation Procedure

All of these steps must be completed in order to legally access the property.

  1. Be a MITOC member in good standing with current Keyholder or Property User status.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Property Manual
  3. Fill out the Reservation Request Form.
  4. Upon express email or written approval from a Cabin Manager following your application pay for your entire group in one payment on the Pay MITOC page.
  5. Email the Cabin Manager with a final list of names of everyone accessing the property as well as any changes to your plans before departure.
  6. Cabin Rentals Only: Fill out the Key-Holder Checklist post-trip and submit a $1000 deposit check prior to departure.
  7. Complete the checkout questionnaire within 48 hours or leaving the property

WARNING: Cabin fee is non-refundable.

Notice: All Propery Users trained prior to January 2019 and Keyholders trained prior to February 2018 must be retrained to be in line with the new guidelines.


Exclusive Rentals

You must be a keyholder. Email for more information.

Our Neighbors

Intervale is not road-accessible. Therefore, we have an easement which gives us a Right of Way (RoW) giving us access to our property. Our RoW passed by a pair other homes and directly across the property of third. It is important that you follow all of the rules below regarding our RoW when you access our property. We must respect our neighbors at all times. Failure to follow these procedures constitutes trespassing.



Cabin Managers can be contacted via email at


I am a keyholder and am familiar with the cabin; is it available this weekend?

Submit a request and the cabin managers will get back to you.

I am not a keyholder or property user, but I am a MITOC member, can I camp on the premises?

No, you must be either a keyholder or property user to request a reservation.

I want to become a keyholder when is the next training weekend?

There are usually at least two training weekends per year: one in the spring and another in the fall. Additional weekends may also be announced. All announcements will be sent at least a week in advance to the main mitoc list.

I want to become a property user when is the next training session?

There are usually at least one training per semester. Additional trainings may also be announced. All announcements will be sent at least a week in advance to the main mitoc list.

I attended a keyholder training weekend three years ago, can I stay at the cabin?

No, keyholder status expires after two years. You will need to attend another work weekend to renew.

I’ve heard of MITOC but am not a member, can I stay anyway?

No, you would be trespassing on private property (we have had people arrested for this in the past). There must be part of a valid reservation if you wish to visit the property.

Reservations Calendar