The Rugged Rampage

An awesome, 6-hour adventure hunt brought to you this spring by the MIT Outing Club and MIT’s LEF Fund.


The race will be held in and around the Charles River and MIT’s campus. Teams of 2 or 3 will run, row, climb and bike their way to as many checkpoints as possible during the 6 hour race. Each team will choose their own route through the course navigating with a map and compass (no GPS!) while optimizing their potential to earn points. Teams will earn additional points by solving challenging puzzles along the way. We’ll use an open-ended rogaine-style scoring format to give teams maximal flexibility in developing their strategy. We’ll cap off the day with an awesome BBQ and awards ceremony. Get excited!


Adventure racing is an awesome team sport that involves a combination of physical stamina, technical skill, logistical management, analytical skills and team-work for success. Adventure racing often takes racers to distant wilderness, which can create a steep barrier to entry for newcomers. Instead, we wanted to bring that adventure to you in a manageable 6-hour sprint format! The Rugged Rampage is intended as a fun introduction to adventure racing for folks with all sorts of different skills/interests.


Checkpoints will be scattered around the MIT campus and nearby along the Charles River. Each checkpoint is marked by a standard orange and white control with a distinctive whole-punch used to mark the scoring passport each team will race with. You will punch your passport to prove you have successfully navigated to a given checkpoint. Each checkpoint will be given a different point value dependent on its difficulty. Racers can determine which checkpoints to visit and the order of their traverse. The course is designed to have more checkpoints than any team will be able to visit (even these guys). This will make the course challenging for both experienced and novice teams alike.

Unique Features

You will be running or hiking throughout the race. You will have opportunities to earn additional points through rock climbing and open water paddling. All gear required for climbing or paddling will be provided, but be prepared to get wet! As this is an MIT race, we will include various puzzles along the course which teams can solve in order to earn additional points. None of these puzzles will be required, so if you get stumped you can move on, but they’ll be a lot of fun and help you earn extra points. Further details about the nature of the puzzles will be provided at the race start, although the suggested gear list may provide instructive clues.

2017 Schedule and Registration

Coming soon!