Please be advised that we have been having issues processing payments from PayPal.

We recommend that you use a credit or debit card for online payment (we always accept personal checks in the office).

This page can be used to pay money to MITOC using PayPal or a credit/debit card. Payments can also be made by check at the MITOC office during office hours. All payments are final and non-refundable.

If you are having trouble with the payment system, contact The most common issue is that the billing address must exactly match what your bank has on file, so if your card is declined, double-check the address you entered.

If you are an MIT student and this cost is prohibitive to your membership/participation, please email to ask about this fee being waived. If you are a non-MIT student please feel free to email to ask about financial assistance options.

Membership Fees

See the signup page here.

Gear Rentals and Purchases

Trip and Event Fees

Cabin Rentals

Be sure to fill out the visitor log (Camelot or Intervale) when you pay for cabin rental.

Days spent on-site but not in the cabin (e.g. Yurt / Lean-to / camping) cost 0.5 person-days (i.e. half price of using the cabin.) Enter the total number of fractional days spent outside and full days spent inside in the form below.